#3 – Techhouse Sublime Session

Yes it is sure time keep up the Lunch Beat pace!

At Lunch Beat Sthlm #3 we have the pleasure to fill your ears with the finest of mixes, this time with a tape from Neil Seaward – a Paris/Stockholm/Scotland/UK kind of guy who has a passion for urban DJ:ing & keeps on spreading musical techhouse euphoria in Sthlm city.

> Your lunch vill be simple, tasty & as always vegetarian.

>The entrence fee is somewhat around 60 SEK at your choice.

> Since it is getting colder out there, it can be a great idea to bring an extra tee to put on before heading back to your white collar reality. Dance floor clothes can be true cold-causers when getting all cold again…

+ PLEASE be honest in your RSVP-status – we are bying lunch to you if you say you will attend!

♥ See you at lunch!

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