April Session : A B-Boy’s Broken Story

Martin Östman is a musician mostly known as his alter ego Emilio, bassist in the contemporary slapstick group Sirqus Alfon. He also makes his own soul music and produces music of various styles. And not to forget, he just loves to Dj his own edits…

For those attending Lunch Beat on the 19th of April in Stockholm or Malmö, a fresh blend of grooves with soulful and wreckless lyrics is to expect. Or as Martin puts it;

”There will be UK funky, twostep, hip-hop edits and my own dancehall remixes. Join i to get the last traces of winter-shit out of your system and just be beautiful”.

So get ready to celebrate springtime sexiness by listening to Martin’s favourite track of today and please spread the word about our day club revolution!

See you at lunch!