Swing by and Sweat in – with love from CPH

Lunch Beat KBH is Lunch Beats outpost in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark,  inviting the Danes to join in for a sweaty and fun lunch break every month. On the 29th of April, Lunch Beat KBH is hosting a bigass Lunch Beat event at Basement’s dark and huge room in Vesterbro, Copenhagen, in close collaboration with Dansens Dag (the national dancing day).To spice things til the top, the local resturant Copper & Wheat are making beautiful french food for lunch: fries in duckfat, veggie tabouleh & fresh lemonade.
4 even more beautiful DJs will take care of soothing disco rythms for not one, but two hours. Swing by and Sweat in!

Lunch Beat KBH X Dansens Dag X 29.4 X 12-2 PM X BASEMENT X Enghavevej 42 Kbh V

The Tribe Becomes One : May 6th 2014


Lunch Beat was born i Stockholm, Sweden in 2010. Four years later our movement has grown from a Swedish garage to a global movement of lunch time clubbing with events arranged in over 90 cities on all continents.

We now encourage work-day heroes all around the world to get together on May 6th 2014, and trough a midday dance, make our Tribe Become One.

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Here you find all the information you need to join the movement:

>> Basic Event Info & Downloads
>> How to Join + Our Expectations
>> Read Me : Project Q&A’s
>> Pricing, Tickets & Sponsorship info
>> Event Planning Agenda
>> Tips: How to get the party started

The Stockholm Summer Series


In collaboration with the Music- and Theatre Museum Lunch Beat Stockholm are happy to introduce the  Summer Series; 8 events starting July 24th.
The dates & DJ’s as follows:

July 24 – DJ Ceephax Acid Crew
July  26 – DJ Daniel Savio
July  31 – DJ Andreas Tilliander
August  2 – DJ Music Box
August  7 – DJs Linny Hex & DJ Gena
August  9 – DJ Gavana
August  14 – DJs Jin Mustafa & Maya Lourenco
August  16 – DJ Miss Dilemma

The events is free of charge and will take place at the Music- & Theatre Museum at Sibyllegatan 2 in Stockholm between 11.30-13.30 (since we all know lunch time usually is a little longer during summer time). Enjoy!

Facebook event here >>

It’s Time to Meet Team Montreal

DJ Hissy Fit playing at Lunch Beat Montreal #1

Let us introduce you to the 7 creatives behind Lunch Beat Montreal, who will open the doors to thier first ever lunch club in just two days. In no specific order, they are;

Jan-Nicolas, 37, adman, like parties, used to be on Love Parade, Berlin, Ibiza, Prague, Brussels circuit, now quiet(er) in Montreal.

Mitchell, 22, burlesque and circus producer, tech nerd. Director of Cirquantique, a neo-burlesque and circus company.

Matthew, 35, music lifer. Is keen to start the partying at noon instead of ending it then.

Anna, 29, exchange-student, yoga teacher. Organized some Lunch Beats in Sweden, is excited to have Montreal, her favorite city in the world, going wild over lunchtime.

Adriana, 40, writer, yogini and tea addict. Is excited to bust out her dance moves somewhere other than in her kitchen.

Frédérique, 27, party girl, social media addict and community manager at TP1. Thinks Lunch Beat is a wonderful evolution of the flashmob spirit!

Patrick, 29, creative director and part-time singer. Leading the creative inside a digital agency called TP1 in Montreal.

You seem to be a fantastic crew! What have you come up with for the first LB Montreal?

The first Lunchbeat Montreal takes place at noon, on May 9th. Cinema Excentris, an independant, state-of-the-art cinema here in Montreal has kindly offered their space to host the first edition of Lunch Beat Montreal. A vegetarian lunch will be served by Café Méliès, along with RISE Kombucha, a healthy drink with a unique flavour that’s produced right here in Montreal.

Local unsung electronic music hero, Hissy Fit (Turbo/Aufect/Hybridity), will inaugurate the Lunch Beat Montreal DJ booth with a house-techno set. He has blessed many Montreal stages, known for his past performances at MUTEK and Piknic Electronik, he will be returning to the Piknic stage this summer.

Who do you hope will show up for Lunch beat Montreal?  

We expect to see our friends from the advertising and communications industry, but Montreal has a diverse culture. We expect workers in the area from all industries, from students to late-night party animals. We hope Pierre Lapointe and DJ Champion show up. Arcade Fire would be nice, too.

And what do you see on a future horizon?

The response has been amazing so far, Lunch Beat is like made for Montreal, and we have no doubt whatsoever that this first edition is a sign of greater things to come. We also hope to generate interest in many venue owners in order for LBMTL to help make them know to the public.

You aim very high with your first club, did you get any help?

Yes! Many of our friends supported us in order to make LBMTL a pro-event, it’s really a co-creation! Excentris offered their space. CNW helped with press release and media list. L’Empreinte is printing posters and flyers. Infopresse media partner and banner ads space. RISE Kombucha great health drinks. Digital agency TP1 did the branding, ad campaign, social media and logistics.

>> Get more info about Lunch Beat Montreal, May 9 here <<

Manhattan on the move


New York is, and has always been, a city full of movers and shakers. Isha Toor, a 25 year old Business Analyst and Sarah Reynolds, a 33 year-old freelance Photography Archivist/Artist’s Assistant & Turntablist, are now organizing the first Lunch Beat in Manhattan.

How did you first get to know about Lunch Beat?

Sarah – I had the idea to start a Lunch Beat after reading about it last May and thinking, “This needs to happen in New York. Wait…why don’t I make it happen?” By June, I had organized the first Lunch Beat New York (also the second Lunch Beat party in the US) in Long Island City, NYC with the help of many friends and collaborators.

Isha – I came across an article online about Lunch Beat during my personal search on Scandinavia in the summer of 2012; I believe I was on Slate magazine. I read the article and I wondered: ‘why hasn’t Lunch Beat happened in Manhattan yet? People have to experience this phenomenon!’ And that’s exactly what I decided to do.

You are launching Lunch Beat in Manhattan; what do you plan for the event?

The first Lunch Beat in Manhattan will happen at Slate, an upscale sports lounge, nightclub, and event space located at 54 W 21st Street (btwn 5th and 6th Avenues) in the Flatiron District. A delicious spread of vegetarian food will be provided by Slate’s in-house chef and we will also provide a bottle of water for each attendee.

Stephanie Neptune, aka Space Jam, will be on decks spinning boogie, house, bass and more. Live, keytar-triggered visuals will be created by the multifaceted video artist BAMiAM.tv. BAMiAM.tv, aka B.A. Miale.

Who do you hope will participate in, and appreciate, Lunch Beat in Manhattan?
Lunch Beat NYC is primarily for office workers and other working professionals on their lunch break, and anyone else needing a break from their workday stress. There is a huge workforce in this city and everything happens in a “New York minute”. People are working non-stop (even during lunch) and we want to provide New Yorkers a new perspective on theirlunch hour by offering them a dance club experience on their lunch break! We will provide a place where people can forget about their jobs and let loose for one hour of nonstop fun! And of course anyone is welcome at Lunch Beat, including artists, students, stay-at-home parents, and even tourists! In fact, we’ve already inspired one visitor from Honolulu who is planning to attend, to start her own Lunch Beat when she gets home to Hawaii!

Anything else you want to add about your plans, hopes or ideas for Lunch Beat in the future?

In addition to helping inspire more additions to the global Lunch Beat community, we hope to help Lunch Beat expand to other neighborhoods of NYC. Also, since summer is just around the corner, outdoor Lunch Beat NYC events are on our minds! We can’t wait for office workers to shake a leg in public parks like Bryant Park, Times Square, Madison Square Park, etc.

Lunch Beat NYC (Manhattan) is being held on April 24th at Slate, 54 W 21st Street (between 5th and 6th Avenues) in the Flatiron District.

Cambridge is coming strong



Dmitri Gunn, a 35-year-old entrepreneur, startup advisor, and event host in the MIT technology community who can call himself the Executive Director of TEDxCambridge, is just about to pick up the Lunch Beat initiator title. We couldn’t be more delighted.

How did you first get to know about Lunch Beat?

I first read about Lunch Beat in Forbes back in May of 2012 and thought it was an extraordinary idea. I loved Molly’s underground dance manifesto and her creative inspiration to host the first event in a garage. Lunch Beat has come a long way since those humble origins and we hope Lunch Beat Boston plays a role in spreading the daytime dance movement across America.

You are launching Lunch Beat in Boston; what do you plan for the event?

I have assembled a fantastic team are we are organizing a high-energy daytime club experience for 200-300 people. We are hosting Lunch Beat Boston at two non-profit community venues in Kendall Square and the Seaport District. An event production company is providing all the AV equipment necessary to convert these venues into a club environment. Our DJs are spinning trance and progressive house music along with a VJ to create a visually immersive experience. We are serving vegetarian sandwiches featuring locally grown organic ingredients and providing attendees with bottled water.

Who do you hope will participate in, and appreciate, Lunch Beat in Boston?

We are hosting Lunch Beat Boston for people in the technology startup, digital media, and online marketing community. There are lots of well established events, panel discussions, and conferences in Boston, but nothing as fun and unique as Lunch Beat. Our hope is this creative event series becomes a monthly celebration for passionate fans of EDM to connect and dance during their lunch breaks.

Anything else you want to add about your plans, hopes or ideas for Lunch Beat in the future?

Our goal is to host an event series for fans of EDM that reflects the tremendous technical and creative diversity found within the Boston technology community. Lunch Beat Boston will evolve over time as we grow and partner with innovative organizations who share our community goals. There is no telling where this is leading, but our team is tremendously excited about bringing the concept to Boston.

Lunch Beat Boston (LBB) #1 is being held on March 6 at hack/reduce in Cambridge, MA.

We Don’t Dismiss It

Yesterday something huge happend. Lunch beat Stockholm made a difference. On the annual peace day, hundreds of people danced for peace and contributed to a better tomorrow. This is what it looked like;

Remix for peace!

We made a song too! Listen to original version here, get inspired and create your own remix for peace!

Here are the stems for the track REMIX FOR PEACE. Download, mash-up and spread a message of peace to the world.

When finished, please upload your remix here!

A Bag for Peace


And yeah, for those who want to bliss your shoulder with this quite great Lunch Beat bag, just send us an e-mail and we’ll sort it out! For you guys living in Stockholm, it can also be bought on SneakersnStuff.


Now Give Some Love!

We also want to give special love to the amazing crew who made this extrodainary event come true; Daniel Odelstad (project management), Johan Riddaström (project management, graphic concept & design), Carl Svalstedt (video production), Carl Norén & Elias Eliminator Berndt (music), Arvid Ringborg (copy), Indy Nidell (voice). Thank you! The event was realized in cooperation with Svenska Freds and Falling Whistles.

There is another beat.

A beat for peace.

Don’t dismiss it.

Remix it.

Celebrating a World Wide Tribe

The first Lunch Beat took place in a garage below the city of Stockholm in June 2010. 14 people attended the event. We, the lucky people who have been involved in this project from the start, are honoured and amazed over how and where it has grown. With this small film, we now want to celebrate a world wide tribe of workday heroes, who have made Lunch Beat all it ever is and will be. Thank you for your daylight divine.