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Lunch Beat – Warm-up session for The Tribe Becomes One!

On Monday the 28th of May Lunch Beat was hosted in StudioBronx Stockholm, live streamed and recorded for your pleasure!

So everyone of you who cannot attend any of the awesome beats taking place all over europe during next Thursday’s The Tribe Becomes One, please be welcome to tune in this 60 minute set by your fellow lunch beater DJ Daniel Odelstad.

Join us in dance – at your office or wherever!

Lunch Beat StudioBronx was hosted by video production company Falkevik Danehav and the lovely food was brought by Restaurant Mistral.

Read more here (Swedish)

Lunch Beat StudioBronx

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Lunch Beat – Live from Stockholm!

Lunch Beat - Live from Stockholm
Join the world today in dance! We will be live streaming here on the site from todays Lunch Beat in Stockholm at 12pm – 1pm CEST with DJ Johannes Drakenberg.

Johannes is a electronic artist who defies generic boundaries, as he constantly aim towards challenging himself and the crowd with new music, techniques and creative ways of interacting with the sound, he’s for sure someone to keep your eyes at.

The broadcast is produced by Falkevik & Danehav and sponsored by Bambuser.

LunchBeat will also be broadcasted from Malmö and the basement session in Stockholm.

Check out the event:
Lunch Beat Sthlm #16: Saluting Savoring Spring. Cultivating the roots

Now Oprah Knows

And there it was, like a holy moment of bliss; a post at Oprah’s blog. And that Oprah, along with Time, San Fransisco Gate, and Noisey among others, lately have chosen to feature our humble project, has resulted in some fun start-up requests!

So, as spring finally makes green sprouts crack the curbs all over Europe, we are awaiting which city in the US that will be the first with letting the Lunch Beat movement burst. The race is as of today run by the following five;

  • New York
  • San José / Sillicon Valley
  • Los Angeles
  • Portland
  • Texas Houston

Do you also want to start up Lunch Beat in your city? Please check the start up guidelines and get in contact for further information!

With love / m

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Lunch Beat: Connecting Cores Europe Unites

As Lunch Beat keeps on growing, spreading it’s international language of dancing, with dozens of start ups around the globe, the Lunch Beat Crew in Stockholm, has taken the initiative to realize one of the dreams with Lunch Beat, the dream of connecting people within the movement by live streaming to and from simultaneously on-going events.

We believe this to be the next logical step to develop the Lunch Beat community; that we by expanding the physical room and merging the on-going events, create a greater Lunch Beat experience by proving dance as an international language. A language we all know and love.

Do you want to be a part of making this dream comes true? Watch the film and consider to ship in a small donation through the crowd funding project below.

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Branch Bank Call #1: The Castle Gold

In late January, Lunch Beat Stockholm arranged an exclusive Lunch Beat event in the basement of the Swedish Royal Castle. Small revenue was made from the event, which we now are happy to be able to distribute as the Branch Bank Call #1: The Castle Gold. Please read more about the Branch Bank, take part of the requirements and apply for 100€, 150€ or 300€ by completing the application as announced on The Branch Bank page.

And Hey! Do you also want to help the community grow? Please get in contact for donation options!

With love & excitement /Molly

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Introducing: The Lunch Beat Branch Bank

Lunch Beat will always stay non-profit

Lunch Beat is founded and developed as a non-profit project and has the over all aim to remain so. It will always be free to develop and implement Lunch Beat as a non-profit project in your local surroundings as regulated by the Manifesto.

…but we will turn commercial interest into community growth too!

But, in some sense it felt too stupid to automatically reject request from people and organizations that want to arrange Lunch Beat let’s say on a conference, or who want to work with the Lunch Beat brand in other ways. And here the idea of the Lunch Beat Branch Bank was born!

Introducing the Branch Bank

So now, to be able to handle the semi-commercial requests, 5 basic partnership scenarios has been developed. The scenarios all include a donation fee. Money that will be collected in a foundation called the Lunch Beat Branch Bank. The foundation funds will continuously be distributed to new start-ups branches, which are in need of a small funding to get a great start.

Applications for the Branch Bank funds will be announced and accessible for the start-ups on the subpage The Branch Bank, as often as there is “money in the bank”. Here you can also download the 5 basic partnership scenarios if you have an idea about how to take Lunch Beat to the next level.

And actually the Branch Bank Call #1: The Castle Gold, is open now!

Thank you for thinking creatively about how to work with a great movement to make it grow even greater!

And Hey, if you or anyone you know wants to ship in to the foundation, such straight donations will be gladly accepted too!

With love Molly, Andaman Islands, India March 20, 2012

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2012 : Going Global with You

The year of 2011 was a quite fantastic year for the Lunch Beat movement; the Stockholm clubs got more and more crowded, the Gothenburg branch establish a strong community and the Malmö branch got back on track.

Further more people in another 6 Swedish cities joined the movement by arranging their own Lunch Beat sessions. As a result, the movement was covered in I dare say every Swedish news paper of dignity, as well as on prime time TV and several public radio shows. When the year was coming to an end, the Lunch Beat initiative was rewarded for creative innovation and featured in Sweden’s no.1 public TV channel’s annual summary of noteworthy news during the past 12 months. The word ”Lunch disco” was also officially included in the Swedish language.

That Swedes like to dance on lunch time here by could be stated as a fact, but when browsing through my inbox lately, I am more than happy to be able to summarize the list of international Lunch Beat branches planned for start-up as follows;

  • US – Los Angeles
  • US – Vermont
  • Germany – Berlin
  • Germany – Hamburg
  • Germany – Osnabrück
  • Germany – Munich
  • Denmark – Copenhagen
  • Austria – Vienna
  • Netherlands – Amsterdam
  • Portugal – Porto
  • Finland – Helsinki
  • Finland – Tampere
  • Finland – Jyväskylä
  • Sweden – Båstad
  • Sweden – Lund
  • Sweden – Umeå
  • Sweden – Ulricehamn

So why am I listing this? Of course because taking new cities with storm takes an army of glowing contributors, and I thought you might be one of them. If you would be interested in joining the Lunch Beat tribe of international initiators, do not hesitate get in touch and I’ll be happy to connect you with your local lunch start up.

With humble love and hopes for a magic year / Molly

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Fantastic Finland; 3 start-ups ahead

Recently no less than three Lunch Beat branches has been established in the Finnish cities Helsinki, Tampere and Jyväskylä.

I’ve got a hold on Simo who is taking the Helsinki initiative – a researcher and writer by profession and a dancer and city-lover by hobby. He works at Demos Helsinki, an independent think-and-do-tank focusing on sustainable lifestyles, participation, well-being, and better urban futures.

You say it was quite simple to take the initiative – how come?

Yes, it was super easy! There’s so many spaces in every city, just take your pick. I chose my own office for the first one, so I only had to convince my co-workers. Luckily they’re always up for anything. I asked around for DJ’s and my friend Tommi Partanen a.k.a. DJ Ais-T from the urban media house Basso instantly said Yes. A live set requires good equipment; we rented those with a good deal.

How where you solving the food challenge?

It’s lunchtime so food is obviously super important, and also a good way to give a statement. Lunch Beat Helsinki focuses on climate-friendly food – meaning seasonal ingredients, mainly vegetarian with non-cultivated, freshwater fish. Our friends at the occasional pop up restaurant Le Frogwanted to take on the challenge.

What are your best advice for other people interested in starting Lunch Beat in their cities?

If you’re thinking about it, just do it. Don’t wait for someone to do something fun in your city – it’s everyone’s responsibility and privilege. I’m also involved in Restaurant Day, where we encourage anyone to open a restaurant for a day. There’s always time for lunchtime discos and pop up restaurants, they are what good cities are made of.

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Lunch Dance – now a ”real” word

In the end of each year, Språkrådet – the Sweden’s official organ for language development and treatment – looks back on the past year analyzing phenomena’s, trends and movements and the use of language that these social interactions has resulted in. Each year the institute receives between 1000-2000 proposals, but a big part of them are shown to be out of date or uninteresting. But when last years list of new words officially included in the Swedish language was published recently, ”Lunch disco” is one of the chosen words among the new golden glossary. I got a hold on Birgitta Lindgren who is working with the selection process;

“The word lunch disco where noted by one of our persons engaged to read the newspapers everyday and note words that seems to be new. When we researched it, a few mentions where noted in 2003, but something apparently happened in 2011 and that’s why the word now has been added to our language with the official definition “disco in the middle of the day”.

If the word has a actual future is of course up to us using and developing our language day by day, but we promise to do our best to make it worth repeating.

With love /Molly

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Lunch Beat rewarded for innovation

Photo: Jezzica Sunmo
Photo: Jezzica Sunmo


Lunch Beat founder Molly Ränge, is placed no.2 on Shortcuts’ list of 100 innovators who have made Sweden a more colourful place to live during 2011. The aim of the list, is to inspire other Swedes to dare to think outside the regular business boxes, as well as reward people who have the potential to play an important role in future development by making real change.

On place no.1 Johanna Koljonen, also awarded with the honorable journalist prize Stora Journalistpriset, is rewarded for her fantastic campaign #Prataomdet, (Talk about it) encouraging people to share negative sexual experiences on Twitter. Daniel Mendoza (no.3) light up our daily feed with his Good News Magazine, and Iman Aldebe (no.19) inspires with her fashionable veil designs.

Molly is really happy for the reward, but also a little bit surprised;

“I think it is amazing that Lunch Beat is placed in the very top. But it also tells something quite obvious about how “revolutionary” we read this kind of initiative. And in one sense it is a bit sad; I mean, why is dancing in daytime THAT unthinkable?”.

Molly, who plays a coaching role in relation to local as well as international branches wanting to start Lunch Beat initiatives in their towns, also has been the head prouder of the Lunch Beat Stockholm parties. With start in January she is now about to work a couple of months from India;

“I will still take care of the community management, the website and support all initiators. The Stockholm parties will be produced by a larger network of regulars who all have hearts beating for this movement.  Something I am really happy for! I mean, it is the people coming to Lunch Beat who are the real stars, and I would have wished that Shortcut rewarded the community, not me, for making this real”.

Lunch Beat is growing. Here is a list over all events planed as we know of.

Have a lovely weekend you all!