He believes in a new Korean culture

Juheon Kim lives close to Seoul in Korea, and the first time he heard about Lunch Beat he  thought it was a brilliant idea to hold dance party during the lunch time.

”It sounded so fun, and I immediately thought: This is it”

Juheon Kim, is the creative director of the contemporary arts project Discobus. He is not only a DJ & musician, but a contemporary dancer and teacher passionate about the convergence of contemporary arts.

”I’ve always hoped that the contemporary dance would approach to wider public. In this reason, I created the DISCOBUS in the beginning of this year, and have organized some ’Contemporary arts in club’ projects” he tells me.

How come you decided to bring Lunch Beat to Seoul?

”Generally speaking, Korean people say they can’t dance, but I think they actually they are just shy. They don’t need to be a good dancers. What they need is to enjoy dancing. Honestly, I’m a little worried how people will response to this event, but I believe this can be a start to make a new culture, in which people enjoy dancing and themselves.”


What food will you serve?

”We will serve sandwich and some drinks. Of course, not alcohols.”

What kind of music will you play?

”Lounge music. But, besides this, I will also play some K-pops and dance songs that people may know well.”

How many people do you hope will attend the first event?

”100. That will be the ideal number for the first Lunch Beat Seoul.”

Do you have any thoughts for the future?

”If Lunch Beat starts to spread in Asia, it would be very fun if we could hold our events on the same day, with the same theme. We may creat an Asian Dance Day!”

Lunch Beat Seoul takes place August 8th at Art Center Nabi. Join Lunch Beat Seoul at Facebook and wish the very first Lunch Beat in Korea the best of luck!