Lunch Beat 27/9 : Burning Leaves Live Session

Originally Lunch Beat is a club based on pre-mixed tapes by selected DJs. This to make it easier to share the mix and support local hosts in co-arranging the club in real time. But, this one time, we thought it could be fun to try something new. And on that note, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to;

Mayka Live at The Studio

The hungry, ecstatic DJ visionary Mayka describes her self  as a music lover and  dreamer for whom only production and DJ:ing really matters;

”It is the only thing that fills my head and I love to share all the hidden treasures I find, making people happy”

For the next Lunch Beat session she will make an exclusive live performance in the Studio at Kulturhuset in Stockholm and promises an energetic set mixing electro, house and nü disco, most preferably with lots of bongos, percussions and cowbells. And of course tons of distorted baselines.
To get in shape for the Burning Leaves Live Session we suggest you to listen to one of Mayka’s favourite tunes below, and maybe it is a good idea to follow her own preparations;

”I will eat pasta. Stretch. And of course figure out what tracks will suit a lunch disco best”

Sirius by Congorock

Attend the Burning Leaves Live Session 27/9 on Facebook to give us a hint on how much food to order. Also check out the local Gothenburg session for more info about the emerging Westside movement.

Thank you for being part of a magic community, with love /m.

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