Lunch Beat Belgrade : Contemporary Stream Edition

"As found", by Emma Kim Hagdahl. Photo: Håkan Larsson
"As found", by Emma Kim Hagdahl. Photo: Håkan Larsson


Kondenz, Belgrade and LocoMotion, Skopje are two festivals dedicated to contemporary dance and the performing arts. They were both launched in 2008, in response to the gap between big and market-oriented local festivals of the performing arts and local contemporary performing arts communities. The initiators started by presenting smaller, new, and different works, and inviting  audiences to learn about the state of the performing arts today, as seen by the festival programmers.

In addition to this, they this year have initiated what is called The Curatorial Programme, inviting a group of fifteen artists, theorists, and curators from Western Europe and the Balkans, thinkers who can offer interesting combinations of artistic and discursive practices and experiences, as well as relations to the problems of curating. They are all invited to act as co-curators, that is, to submit proposals, pieces, practices, situations, discussions, games, meals, reading sessions, etc. The proposals may be individual or collective, existing or new or emerging.

As one of these proposals, a Lunch Beat session will be carried out simultaneously with the Stockholm session October 25, at Magacin in Belgrade. Hopefully we will suceed in live streaming these to events to each other, meaning that you will all be able to dance with each other no matter your geographic position. More event deatils to come!

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