A Beat for Peace by Lunch Beat Sthlm

In June this year, some of the people working with Lunch Beat in Stockholm, Sweden, gathered in a workshop to discuss future possibilities of Lunch Beat. Now a first dancing step for exploring a new dimension of Lunch Beat is being taken.

On September 21st, also known as the International Day of Peace, Lunch Beat Stockholm is proud to present an event made in collaboration with Svenska Freds and Falling Whistles. Two non-profit organizations that spend every day working for global peace – a cause we want to acknowledge and support.

We ask ourselves and our beloved friends what keep showing up at the events; Is this the first step in making Lunch Beat a global tool for doing good? We really don’t know – but what we love for sure is the idea of being able to dance and contributing to a better tomorrow at the same time, even if it is just might be one day at the time. So let’s start with September 21st by dancing our asses of for peace, taking a higher entrance fee than we use to, and there by be able to donate all eventual revenue to our two partner organizations.

So be sure we count on you now; If you any where even close to Stockholm on Friday – come dance with us for peace!

What: Lunch Beat for Peace – A Beat For Peace

When: 12-13 Friday 21st of September

Cost: 150SEK

Tickets here

Dj: Miss Dilemma