2012 : Going Global with You

The year of 2011 was a quite fantastic year for the Lunch Beat movement; the Stockholm clubs got more and more crowded, the Gothenburg branch establish a strong community and the Malmö branch got back on track.

Further more people in another 6 Swedish cities joined the movement by arranging their own Lunch Beat sessions. As a result, the movement was covered in I dare say every Swedish news paper of dignity, as well as on prime time TV and several public radio shows. When the year was coming to an end, the Lunch Beat initiative was rewarded for creative innovation and featured in Sweden’s no.1 public TV channel’s annual summary of noteworthy news during the past 12 months. The word ”Lunch disco” was also officially included in the Swedish language.

That Swedes like to dance on lunch time here by could be stated as a fact, but when browsing through my inbox lately, I am more than happy to be able to summarize the list of international Lunch Beat branches planned for start-up as follows;

  • US – Los Angeles
  • US – Vermont
  • Germany – Berlin
  • Germany – Hamburg
  • Germany – Osnabrück
  • Germany – Munich
  • Denmark – Copenhagen
  • Austria – Vienna
  • Netherlands – Amsterdam
  • Portugal – Porto
  • Finland – Helsinki
  • Finland – Tampere
  • Finland – Jyväskylä
  • Sweden – Båstad
  • Sweden – Lund
  • Sweden – Umeå
  • Sweden – Ulricehamn

So why am I listing this? Of course because taking new cities with storm takes an army of glowing contributors, and I thought you might be one of them. If you would be interested in joining the Lunch Beat tribe of international initiators, do not hesitate get in touch and I’ll be happy to connect you with your local lunch start up.

With humble love and hopes for a magic year / Molly