A west side DJ goes abroad

In Göteborg, DJ E-1000 has been raising the temperature at the dance floor since the very start of their Lunch Beat, in the summer of 2011. It now turns out that the talented man has plans for a exiting export…

Just for the ones who doesn’t know, who are you?

I’m a beat-fanatic from Porto, Portugal and have been living in Göteborg, Sweden for 8 years now. I’ve been DJ’ing for 10 years and when I’m not playing music I’m doing my other job: as an architect. My real name is Emilio Brandao and my alias comes from how it sounds in latin languages – E-1000 is pronounced E-mil.

What can people expect when you hit the decks at Lunch Beat Göteborg?

I love clashes – clashes of styles and periods. Therefore my sets are very eclectic and beat-oriented. I often work with mash-ups and love to create new sounds and rhythms. My basis is Funky Breaks/Ghetto Funk/NuFunk, Breakbeat, Drum n’Bass and Dubstep – mixed with old school rhythms such as swing, reggae, jazz and film music.

What is so special with Lunch Beat Göteborg?

I love to play at Lunch Beat because the people who show up here have one important main objective: they want to dance! And that is my biggest motivation: to make people enjoy dancing. Already by coming here, people have taken themselves out of their comfort zone. I want to contribute to an atmosphere that supports that. Therefore I try to challenge others and myself by questioning established ideas about what is ”good music”, and what music is good for dancing. I want to surprise!

And so I heard you have some great plans about starting Lunch Beat Porto!

Yes! I recently started the Facebook group and it grew immensely with 300 members in just a few days! Interest is huge, and that is a good start. I am right now pulling some threads and starting to organize the first event together with people over there. At Easter time I will be in Porto so get ready for some lunch grooves and beats!

Thank you E-1000 for supporting the Lunch Beat movement with providing the west side with creative beats and make our movement grow further!

Listen to a Lunch Beat mix on Soundcloud by E-1000