8 x Lunch Beat December

Lunch Beat Stockholm has celebrated an amazing year growing from a hyper local and friendly fight club, to a ”phenomena” carried out of local entrepreneurs and dance lovers all over Sweden. In December Lunch Beat is planned  in Helsingborg, Stockholm, Gothenburg (at Världskulturmuseet and Matteos Panetteria), Norrköping, Malmö, Skövde and Sundsvall. We try to keep the ”Next events?” page updated, but please let us know if you know about something we don’t.

The last Lunch Beat Stockholm will end a sparkling year with inviting two local girls in mixing a really happy tape for us. They go under the name Sharks and describe them selves as ”music-loving freaks, in a good way”.

What can Lunch Beat Stockholm expect of your session?

– You can expect to have a lot of fun! We want to make you smile on the dance floor and just get lost in a feeling. The music we play can be very flirtatious and fun mixed with very hardcore sounds. When we have fun the dance floor is its best!

Listen to Sharks new release below and even more on Soundcloud is you want to get a feeling of their style.

SHARKS & FUGLY – Wet Cupcake (Original Mix) by SHARKSONHEELS


Thank you for a magic year, let’s write 2012 an even better history! /m



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