A Lunchtime Bliss at The Conference

Photo: Jesper Berg
Photo: Jesper Berg


Next week, August 22-23,  The Conference collects 900 participants to one of Scandinavias most important media conferences. Spread over 2 days and with over 40 international speakers the meet up states to be the most important meeting point for contemporary media industries. With speakers like Laureen Anderson (Collaborative Cosumption), Ole Ruch (AirBnb) and Jake Barton (Local Projects) we are willing to agree, something that makes us extra excited to be invited as part of the event!
On August 23 lunchtime the Lunch Beat are proud to present the exellent  DJ duo Haidl & Lindstrøm, a female power team you recognize by their limitless love for hand-picked house, new disco, deep rhythms, drum sticks and LOL’s on the dancefloor.

Haidl & Lindstrøm have spread happiness and joy at Malmö’s dance floors for years, under various names and in different configurations. As the duo Haidl & Lindstrøm they will invite this years participants at The Conference to be part of a Lunch Beat session of true  star quality.

Get the taste of Haidl & Lindstrøm

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The Conference in Malmö August 23-23 is orgainzed by Media Evoultion. Get your ticket here!