Lunch Beat was founded by Molly Ränge in June 2010, and the first event was arranged in the Fabel garage under Hötorget in the city of Stockholm, Sweden. 14 people attended the event.

During the autumn of 2010, the underground movement organically kept growing, and had to find new locations as more and more people started to attend the event.

More regular events where arranged during the spring of 2011, and the first Lunch Beat outside Stockholm, initiated by a local creator, was arranged in Malmö.

As autumn 2011 arrived, Lunch Beat started to grow more rapidly, partly by the fact that the clubs where given great attention in media. Something that resulted in a strong establishment in Göteborg, as well as several other Swedish cities.

In December 2011, Lunch Beat’s founder Molly Ränge, was awarded for the concept, listed as Sweden’s no.2 most important creative entreprenur, by Shortcut – the largest career community in Sweden.

In April 2012, Lunch Beat Stockholm attracts more than 600 people to the monthly events. Lunch Beat has about 25 international branches and the start up interest in the US is growing.

Today, Lunch Beat has been arranged in over 90 cities world wide. The project has been given significant attention in international media,  such as BBC World, Business Week, Oprah and Slate.  See a selection here.

Lunch Beat is founded by Molly Ränge, a 28 years old concept developer with a passion for work, dance and the power of communities that grow beyond the web. Please feel free to get in contact.

Lunch Beat is a concept free to copy and improve. If you are interested, check out the start-up guide.