Contact & Community

General contact

Contact Lunch Beat founder Molly Ränge if your have interest regarding the Lunch Beat movement in general; interviews, speaks, press material, sponsorship.

Contact your local community (below) for general start up support in your area and questions regardning specific events details, such as ticketing, venue and food. Our start-ap agreement usually answers a lot of questions, so please have a look at that too.

In any other matters, please contact us via e-mail.


Lunch Beat Sweden

Göteborg; On Facebook, or e-mail John Areblad or resident DJ E-1000.

Helsingborg; On Facebook, or e-mail Pernilla Gudmundsson

Malmö; On Facebook, or e-mail Maria Reihs

Norrköping  On Facebook, or e-mail Maria Jagerwall

Sandviken: On Facebook

Skövde; On Facebook, or e-mail Anna G Humlesjö

Stockholm; On Facebook, or e-mail Molly Ränge (founder) or Daniel Odelstad (producer)

Sundsvall; On Facebook, or e-mail Anna Cedergren 

Umeå; On Facebook or E-mail Kristin Björkebäck

Uppsala: E-mail Ebba Ulfbecker

Västerås; On Facebook

Lunch Beat Europe

Aachen:  On Facebook or on the web

Aalto: On Facebook

Alessandria: The web

Amsterdam: On Facebook

Belgium/Antwerp: On Facebook or e-mail Bart Van de Vel

Berlin branch 1; On Facebook or e-mail Yuna Cho

Berlin branch 2; On Facebook or e-mail Ola Jannhov

Brussels: On Facebook

Budapest: On Facebook

Copenhagen: On Facebook or e-mail Christian Bruhn-Petersen

Delft: On Facebook

Endinburgh: On FacebookTwitter or e-mail

Firenze: On Facebook

Florence: On Facebook

Frankfurt; Juan Weinhold

Ghent: On Facebook

Hamburg: On Facebook, on the web or E-mail Ilja Grinstejn

Helsinki branch 1; On Facebook, or e-mail Simo Vassinen

Helsinki branch 2; On Facebook

Humble: E-mail Morten Moogard

Istanbul: On Facebook or e-mail Monique Jaques

Karlsruhe: On Facebook

Lörrach: On Facebook

Manchester; On Facebook, the web or e-mail Christopher Lloyd

Milano: On Facebook

Munich: On Facebook

Oslo: On Facebook or e-mail Jensa Sjöberg

Paris: E-mail Gunilla Norén

Porto: On Facebook, or e-mail Emilio Brandao

Poland: On Facebook

Prauge: On Facebook or e-mail Pavel Tuma

Reykjavik: On Facebook

Salzburg: On Facebook

Tampere: On Facebook

Trondheim: On Facebook

Turku: On Facebook

Viborg: On Facebook

Vienna: On Facebook or e-mail Oliver Metzl

Volda: On Facebook

Lunch Beat USA

Anacortes: On Facebook

Boston: On Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail

New York, Queens: On Facebook or e-mail Sarah Reynolds

New York, Manhattan: On Facebook, Twitter or e-mail

Oakland: On Facebook or e-mail Venus French

Petaluma: On Facebook

PDX Portland: On Facebook

 Lunch Beat Canada

Toronto: On Facebook, Twitter or e-mail

Montréal: On Facebook, Twitter or e-mail

Lunch Beat South America

Bogotá: On Facebook

Lunch Beat Asia

Seoul: On Facebook or e-mail Discobus

Lunch Beat Africa

Johannesburg: On Facebook, Twitter or e-mail



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