Do I have to RSVP?

Different Lunch Beat branches use different methods to make sure there is lunch prepared for you. Please contact your local community to get the instructions you need!

Is there an entrance fee?

Yes. To attend Lunch Beat you will be charged approx 6-10 € in cash. This primary pays for your lunch & sometimes the hire for space we dance in. No one has the ambition to make money on Lunch Beat, and all arrangements are non-profit.

Will there be something to eat & drink?

Yes. You will have a lunch meal on the go to eat while dancing of bring with you when leaving. The food will most often be vegetarian and hopefully you will find it both healthy, organic and fresh. Water is served in cans & taps through out the whole event.

What kind of music will you play?

The music played will differ according to what DJ’s you find on the menu. But a qualified guess is that most sounds will belong to the hiphop, techno, house and electro genres.

Can I bring a friend? I mean anyone?

Yes. All Lunch Beat events are open to everyone with the desire to dance. To be able to prepare enough food we are happy to see you RSVP to the specific Lunch Beat you want to visit. Please contact your local community to get the instructions you need!

Can I get involved or start my own Lunch Beat?

We love you to join the movement!

LunchBeat is a concept free to develop in your own city or block, check out the start-up guidelines to get started!

Note: Since Lunch Beat is a nonprofit arrangement you are not allowed to arrange Lunch Beat as a commercial event. The entrance fee should be set only to cover the costs for the lunch and eventually the rent of the venue.


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