Autumn 10 : Lunch Gets Louder

Just a few minutes past lunch time the 15th of June, summer came.
And so the music stopped.
We went to countrysides & beach houses. || We ran to the woods & sang in the rain. || We got messed up & fell asleep to the sound of seagulls’ awakening.

– And now?

We. Are. Back. At. Work.

To ease your autumn headache Lunch Beat dates will be set in just a sec & we are happy to announce that the 3 first DJ’s already have made up their minds on making your lunch just a little louder:

Calle Dernulf – the awesomest Radio guy behind P3 Dans

Neil Seaward – a Paris/Stockholm/Scotland/UK kind of guy who has a passion for urban DJ:ing & keeps on spreading musical tech-house euphoria at f.x Olssons Skor

Swingkid a.k.a M. Palmqvist – who spends his days managing Fasching, & his nights spinning our favourite modern soul & club tunes.

Keep it up. Follow the FB-beat. See you soon oh so lovely.

xx Lunch Beat