Belgium Starts From the Top

The Lunch Beat Antwerp team (from left); Rayes Lemmens (Entrepreneur- 30), Filip Waegemans (Sponsoring Manager - 37 ) & Bart Van de Vel (Radio Host -28).
The Lunch Beat Antwerp team (from left); Rayes Lemmens, Filip Waegemans, DJ Vinyard & Bart Van de Vel.

June 4 Lunch Beat is introduced in Belgium at the roof of MAS – the newest museum in Antwerp.

”It has become a new hotspot of our city and on top of the museum – 62 meters in the air – we will host a Lunch Beat for 250 dancers whom will enjoy a beautiful panorama over the city while dancing” says Bart Van de Vel, one of the local initiators.

When they heard about it trough social media, the Lunch Beat Antwerp Team immediately fell in love with the idea of Lunch Beat; ”We  want to give a positive vibe to all the working people to help them survive in the city jungle. Forget about all your problems, just dance & enjoy live on a healthy & funny way!” says Van de Vel.

Do you have any advice for others who want to start Lunch Beat in their city?
”Just do it. A lot of people ask me how I managed to convince the city & the museum to participate. Well to be honest, I just asked, told them the story of Lunch Beat & they felt in love too!”

Find event details here!