It’s Time to Meet Team Montreal

DJ Hissy Fit playing at Lunch Beat Montreal #1

Let us introduce you to the 7 creatives behind Lunch Beat Montreal, who will open the doors to thier first ever lunch club in just two days. In no specific order, they are;

Jan-Nicolas, 37, adman, like parties, used to be on Love Parade, Berlin, Ibiza, Prague, Brussels circuit, now quiet(er) in Montreal.

Mitchell, 22, burlesque and circus producer, tech nerd. Director of Cirquantique, a neo-burlesque and circus company.

Matthew, 35, music lifer. Is keen to start the partying at noon instead of ending it then.

Anna, 29, exchange-student, yoga teacher. Organized some Lunch Beats in Sweden, is excited to have Montreal, her favorite city in the world, going wild over lunchtime.

Adriana, 40, writer, yogini and tea addict. Is excited to bust out her dance moves somewhere other than in her kitchen.

Frédérique, 27, party girl, social media addict and community manager at TP1. Thinks Lunch Beat is a wonderful evolution of the flashmob spirit!

Patrick, 29, creative director and part-time singer. Leading the creative inside a digital agency called TP1 in Montreal.

You seem to be a fantastic crew! What have you come up with for the first LB Montreal?

The first Lunchbeat Montreal takes place at noon, on May 9th. Cinema Excentris, an independant, state-of-the-art cinema here in Montreal has kindly offered their space to host the first edition of Lunch Beat Montreal. A vegetarian lunch will be served by Café Méliès, along with RISE Kombucha, a healthy drink with a unique flavour that’s produced right here in Montreal.

Local unsung electronic music hero, Hissy Fit (Turbo/Aufect/Hybridity), will inaugurate the Lunch Beat Montreal DJ booth with a house-techno set. He has blessed many Montreal stages, known for his past performances at MUTEK and Piknic Electronik, he will be returning to the Piknic stage this summer.

Who do you hope will show up for Lunch beat Montreal?  

We expect to see our friends from the advertising and communications industry, but Montreal has a diverse culture. We expect workers in the area from all industries, from students to late-night party animals. We hope Pierre Lapointe and DJ Champion show up. Arcade Fire would be nice, too.

And what do you see on a future horizon?

The response has been amazing so far, Lunch Beat is like made for Montreal, and we have no doubt whatsoever that this first edition is a sign of greater things to come. We also hope to generate interest in many venue owners in order for LBMTL to help make them know to the public.

You aim very high with your first club, did you get any help?

Yes! Many of our friends supported us in order to make LBMTL a pro-event, it’s really a co-creation! Excentris offered their space. CNW helped with press release and media list. L’Empreinte is printing posters and flyers. Infopresse media partner and banner ads space. RISE Kombucha great health drinks. Digital agency TP1 did the branding, ad campaign, social media and logistics.

>> Get more info about Lunch Beat Montreal, May 9 here <<

We Don’t Dismiss It

Yesterday something huge happend. Lunch beat Stockholm made a difference. On the annual peace day, hundreds of people danced for peace and contributed to a better tomorrow. This is what it looked like;

Remix for peace!

We made a song too! Listen to original version here, get inspired and create your own remix for peace!

Here are the stems for the track REMIX FOR PEACE. Download, mash-up and spread a message of peace to the world.

When finished, please upload your remix here!

A Bag for Peace


And yeah, for those who want to bliss your shoulder with this quite great Lunch Beat bag, just send us an e-mail and we’ll sort it out! For you guys living in Stockholm, it can also be bought on SneakersnStuff.


Now Give Some Love!

We also want to give special love to the amazing crew who made this extrodainary event come true; Daniel Odelstad (project management), Johan Riddaström (project management, graphic concept & design), Carl Svalstedt (video production), Carl Norén & Elias Eliminator Berndt (music), Arvid Ringborg (copy), Indy Nidell (voice). Thank you! The event was realized in cooperation with Svenska Freds and Falling Whistles.

There is another beat.

A beat for peace.

Don’t dismiss it.

Remix it.

A Beat for Peace by Lunch Beat Sthlm

In June this year, some of the people working with Lunch Beat in Stockholm, Sweden, gathered in a workshop to discuss future possibilities of Lunch Beat. Now a first dancing step for exploring a new dimension of Lunch Beat is being taken.

On September 21st, also known as the International Day of Peace, Lunch Beat Stockholm is proud to present an event made in collaboration with Svenska Freds and Falling Whistles. Two non-profit organizations that spend every day working for global peace – a cause we want to acknowledge and support.

We ask ourselves and our beloved friends what keep showing up at the events; Is this the first step in making Lunch Beat a global tool for doing good? We really don’t know – but what we love for sure is the idea of being able to dance and contributing to a better tomorrow at the same time, even if it is just might be one day at the time. So let’s start with September 21st by dancing our asses of for peace, taking a higher entrance fee than we use to, and there by be able to donate all eventual revenue to our two partner organizations.

So be sure we count on you now; If you any where even close to Stockholm on Friday – come dance with us for peace!

What: Lunch Beat for Peace – A Beat For Peace

When: 12-13 Friday 21st of September

Cost: 150SEK

Tickets here

Dj: Miss Dilemma



A jack of all trades masters Lunch Beat in Johannesburg

”I have very long work days within such a busy and high pressure schedule, which steals time away from my love of partying & dancing”, says Gugu Newman, who brings Lunch Beat to Johannesburg


Gugu Newman is 35yrs old,  works as an Advertising Consultant for a leading Magazine Publisher,  co-owns a Record Label and a Perfume distribution company with his two younger brothers, and design and make Haute Couture furniture.

He is also just to be the Lunch Beat movement’s man in Johannesburg, South Africa.

”I first read about Lunch Beat on BBC’s website and got excited because I found it to be an opportunity and great solution for busy Business Executives and Entrepreneurs in a similar position to get a chance to Dance, party, have great healthy food and energise themselves all during lunch time, to give them the extra boost for their long work hours.
I decided to join the movement to give myself and other busy Execs an opportunity to let off some steam and dance the stress and pressure of work away.

The first Lunch Beat Johannesburg  will take place on September 4th, at Kitchener’s Bar, located in the Art district of Braamfontein in Johannesburg. Can you describe the location and your plans for the event?

”Kitchener’s is regarded by some as one of the City’s Monuments, being the 2nd Oldest Bar in Johannesburg City. It attracts an intimate downtown, underground crowd – your top trend-setters, magazine editors, illustrators, filmmakers, music aficionados and the likes, and is the perfect location for the open minded Business Executives that are willing to push the envelope and reward themselves with some lunch time dancing.
Lunch will consist of Vegetarian and Vegan foods, as well as snack platters and sandwiches. Energy drinks, Soft Drinks and Bottled Water will be the only beverages available.
The music will be an ecclectic mix of the latest dance jams, Electronica and Drum n’ Bass.”

What will be your next step?
”I am looking to partner with other venues across Greater Johannesburg’s Business hubs and numerous CBD’s such as Sandton, Rosebank, Fourways, Melrose Arch, Bryanston, Randburg and more, that have numerous office parks and business hubs. At best, I hope to coordinate up to 10 or more venues hosting LunchBeat sessions within and around Johannesburg.”

What are your hopes for the future of Lunch Beat in South Africa?              ”Once LunchBeat Johannesburg is going successfully, I hope to see other people join the Revolution and spread the movement to other major cities in South Africa, such as Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria and more. My advice for anyone in South Africa looking to get Lunch Beat going in their City is just to jump in and learn how to swim as you go along. Its about fun and dance so just do it!”

Connect with Lunch Beat Johannesburg on Facebook to get info about future events and development.

He believes in a new Korean culture

Juheon Kim lives close to Seoul in Korea, and the first time he heard about Lunch Beat he  thought it was a brilliant idea to hold dance party during the lunch time.

”It sounded so fun, and I immediately thought: This is it”

Juheon Kim, is the creative director of the contemporary arts project Discobus. He is not only a DJ & musician, but a contemporary dancer and teacher passionate about the convergence of contemporary arts.

”I’ve always hoped that the contemporary dance would approach to wider public. In this reason, I created the DISCOBUS in the beginning of this year, and have organized some ’Contemporary arts in club’ projects” he tells me.

How come you decided to bring Lunch Beat to Seoul?

”Generally speaking, Korean people say they can’t dance, but I think they actually they are just shy. They don’t need to be a good dancers. What they need is to enjoy dancing. Honestly, I’m a little worried how people will response to this event, but I believe this can be a start to make a new culture, in which people enjoy dancing and themselves.”


What food will you serve?

”We will serve sandwich and some drinks. Of course, not alcohols.”

What kind of music will you play?

”Lounge music. But, besides this, I will also play some K-pops and dance songs that people may know well.”

How many people do you hope will attend the first event?

”100. That will be the ideal number for the first Lunch Beat Seoul.”

Do you have any thoughts for the future?

”If Lunch Beat starts to spread in Asia, it would be very fun if we could hold our events on the same day, with the same theme. We may creat an Asian Dance Day!”

Lunch Beat Seoul takes place August 8th at Art Center Nabi. Join Lunch Beat Seoul at Facebook and wish the very first Lunch Beat in Korea the best of luck!

Alessandria makes a double debut

Enrico Pronzati,  a 37 years italian, first read about Lunch Beat on the Internet and thought it was something meant to be tested out in his hometown Alessandria.

”I walked up to the  city major of Alessandria and she thought it was such a good idea for the community of Alessandria that she immediatly asked us to do it two days in a row!”

The first Lunch Beat in Alessandria will take place at on July 12 and July 13 at Piazzetta della Lega and music will be provided by DJ’s from Radio Vertigo One, the very first web radio registered in Italy.

More info in Italian availabe here

Melissa brings Lunch Beat to Microsoft

Melissa Quintanilha, a designer by day and DJ by night, is just about to set the last details for her very first Lunch Beat session at Microsoft Headquarters in Redmond, Washington on July 12th.



”I saw an article on Slate magazine,  thought the idea was terrific and jumped right on it. I will bring in lights and maybe some decoration to make this a fully immersive in-office clubbing experience. I’m sure everyone will be stoked and leave wanting more.”



Do you see any challenge with making an in-office party a great one?
”Since this is a new concept, I wanted the first Lunch Beat to be totally free, so this required finding an organization willing to fund it. After a few tries, I got a group within our company to sponsor it so I have funds to book a big room, order lunch bags and print some posters. Another challenge is finding a room that is not surrounded by offices so that people won’t complain about the noise in the workplace. The idea is to create awareness with this first one and hopefully start a series.”

Do you have any advice for others who want to start Lunch Beat internally at their offices?
”Find a group of like-minded people that are willing to plan this together. Book a room that is not close to offices so there will be no noise complaints. Start small and grow with time. After all, who doesn’t want a dance break in the middle of the work day?”

Lunch Beat at Microsoft Washington will take place on July 12th, and the employees will be served fruits and boxed lunches with sandwich and a dessert to take away.

Lunch Beat LIC hits NYC with Ceiling Art & Vegan Korean

DJ Shakey stands behind the beats at Lunch Beat LIC
DJ Shakey stands behind the beats at Lunch Beat LIC

Tomorrow Lunch Beat LIC opens up for New Yorkers working in Queens. Sarah Reynolds, who first got to know about Lunch Beat thanks to an article in Slate, is the women behind the US start up;

Hey Sarah, how are you?

”I’m lovely! And incredibly thrilled to be part of the Lunch Beat movement!”

Why do you take the initiative to start Lunch Beat in Queens, NYC?

One of my greatest passions in life is to go dancing, and when I read about Lunch Beat it captured my heart, mind and soul. I was volunteering with an artspace called Uncanny Valley, just one block from an office tower where tens of thousands of office workers (the Citibank building in LIC Queens) flood in and out every work day, and it just clicked into place in my mind. I know several DJ’s and have a lot of connections from living over 10 years in NYC, so the time just felt right to put it all together and make something happen. I talked to Craig Flanigan, who co-runs the space with his wife Normandy Sherwood, and said ”we have to do this!”. He agreed.”

Together they have sure designed a really impressive event; The first Lunch Beat LIC will feature a multimedia art installation on the ceiling above the dance floor, provided by the mysterious duo known as ’Patriots’ who have spent many a lunch hour crafting this work while at their jobs in the Exhibitions Department of the American Museum of Natural History. Sound is provided by Julie Covello, a.k.a. DJ Shakey, who is one of the top 15 event DJ’s in New York according to Sarah. And last but not least, food will be served by the 2011 Vendy Award-winning food truck The Cinnamon Snail offering  their signature vegan, organic Korean BBQ seitan sandwich.

Do you have any advice to others who want to start Lunch Beat in the US?

”I think that the best advice for people wanting to start Lunch Beat in the U.S. specifically, is to start small and try to grow the movement without expecting to recreate the level of success that the event has grown to in Europe. It will need to start organically here too. Without any buzz yet from a successful event here (and we hope to change that soon!), it seems like it may be somewhat difficult to garner the resources–in our very profit-driven American culture–for a successful nonprofit event. But I can’t wait to see what happens!”

Belgium Starts From the Top

The Lunch Beat Antwerp team (from left); Rayes Lemmens (Entrepreneur- 30), Filip Waegemans (Sponsoring Manager - 37 ) & Bart Van de Vel (Radio Host -28).
The Lunch Beat Antwerp team (from left); Rayes Lemmens, Filip Waegemans, DJ Vinyard & Bart Van de Vel.

June 4 Lunch Beat is introduced in Belgium at the roof of MAS – the newest museum in Antwerp.

”It has become a new hotspot of our city and on top of the museum – 62 meters in the air – we will host a Lunch Beat for 250 dancers whom will enjoy a beautiful panorama over the city while dancing” says Bart Van de Vel, one of the local initiators.

When they heard about it trough social media, the Lunch Beat Antwerp Team immediately fell in love with the idea of Lunch Beat; ”We  want to give a positive vibe to all the working people to help them survive in the city jungle. Forget about all your problems, just dance & enjoy live on a healthy & funny way!” says Van de Vel.

Do you have any advice for others who want to start Lunch Beat in their city?
”Just do it. A lot of people ask me how I managed to convince the city & the museum to participate. Well to be honest, I just asked, told them the story of Lunch Beat & they felt in love too!”

Find event details here!

”Det var Fucking Fedt” – a Teenage Story from Denmark

Lunch Beat @ Musikefterskolen, Langeland, Denmark from Musikefterskolen i Humble on Vimeo.

Some e-mails really makes you smile ear to ear. The one which brought me this film did. It shows the first Lunch Beat session conducted in Denmark at a music school in the remote city called Humble, Langeland. About 130 students and teachers danced together, but the initiator Morten Mosgaard, an educated singer & songwriter who works as a music teacher, decided to keep the event secret until the last minute;

”We introduced the concept by showing a video about the Stockholm Lunch Beat explaining the concept, and the students got all excited to try the concept out! The vibes were absolutely amazing, walking around between eating, smiling and dancing students AND teachers was something I have never experienced before – it was a unique way to bridge the gab between students and teachers.

And what did the students say?

”The students were very happy about the concept, the smile on their face and the vibes in the room could not be mistaken – they loved it.”

Or to quote a boy in the film;

”It was fucking mad!”

And for you who wonder about the old mans rap in the end of the film;

At the school the students normally receive some information hand outs in the end of each lunch break. At the Lunch Beat event this was no different – except: The mail was handed out through freestyle rap by one of the school director.

Heads up for Humble!