Start-up agreement


General start-up agreements

Lunch Beat can be arranged by anyone (privat person, non-profit network) as long as you are willing to design the event in line with our general Manifesto. If you are a company, or semi-commercial actor, please get in contact for special agreements.

Lunch Beat shall always be kept non-profit. It is NOT allowed to use Lunch Beat as a marketing event associated with any specific company or product, not an external nor your own. Lunch Beat events are not to be organised with the aim to collect charity for a third party.

Sponsorships to a specific event can be accepted if kept on a reasonable level, with a chrystal clear connection to Lunch Beat and without taking over the general presentation of, or experience at, a the Lunch Beat event. Accepted sponsorhips can for example be agreed upon with local organic food supliers, sound exquipment vendors or venue owners. In any doubt? Please contact us Lunch Beat to discuss your ideas further!

To arrange Lunch Beat in semi-commercial contexts, such as conferences and fairs, can be allowed for a symbolic fee. Please get in contact with us for discussing such possibilities further.

A Lunch Beat event shall always be marketed publicly and be open for anyone to attend.

To be officially welcomed in the movement, as in getting events announced on this site, please get in contact with us to let us know about your plans.

To continuously get information published on this site, please send link to official info (such as Facebook event), date and name of venue to

Time and Place

Lunch Beat events are to be 60 min long, and set during lunchtime, suggestively 12-13pm.

Weekdays Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday has shown to work the best, since Monday’s usually are keeping people very busy, and on Fridays we are more likely to want to get off early rather than taking a long lunch.

If you are aiming to attract a large number of participants, a central location is of course to prefer, since guest will have a limited time off and don’t want to use their lunch hour on the buss.

Lunch Beat is everything else than a flash mob, and shall be arranged in venues/spaces free from spectators. Instead of parks and public squares, think about roof tops or other “terrain vague” if you want to be outside. This since spectators have a strongly negative influence on the participants, making them feel like they are doing something ”crazy” or being part of a happening. They are not.

Music and DJ’s

Music can be played by a live DJ or from a prepared mixtape. If working with the later, make sure do ask the DJ/mixing person, to make the mix 60 min long precise.

DJ’s generally have been playing at /mixing for Lunch Beat out of good-will, but feel free to arrange this in a way proper for your local conditions.

Food and beverage

Lunch Beat events shall always include a lunch meal, preferably vegetarian and served in a way that makes it easy to eat on spot or take with you back to the office. Popular examples has been wraps, rich sandwiches, pirogues and fruit.

Cooperation’s with restaurants can be arranged in different ways;

  • Sell pre-paid tickets and order the right amount of food.
  • Estimate the amount of guests and order food that match your estimate. If you run out of food, guest can be let in for free for “dance only”.
  • You can invite a restaurant to prepare food and sell it to the guest as part of the event, which means you do not have to deal with entrance fees or taking any risk by pre-ordering food.
  • Prepare the food your self and charge an entrance fee that covers your expenses.

We advice you to serve vegetarian food only – since it’s both fresh, usually non-smelly and can be eaten by most people.

For drinking, water usually is served in cans. Make sure to prepare with a lot of cans and glasses – guests tend to have more than one glass.

Note that Lunch Beat preferably is kept as a non-alcoholic environment.


Naming and Marketing

To minimize confusion from the guest perspective, please name your branch (including name of e.g Facebook page) Lunch Beat + [name of City] Such as “Lunch Beat Helsinki”.

We advice you to start a community, page or group on Facebook collecting members generally interested in Lunch beat in your area. Something that also makes it easier to invite potential participants to each specific event.

We have no official logo, but suggest you to use the font Leauge Gothic to match our common look.

We are happy to see you referring back to in written info on your page.

Note that Lunch Beat is open to initiate by anyone, meaning that more than one initiative can be taken in your area. Please stay open to this and try to see opportunities for collaborations in spreading the movement and attracting more participants to all events.



We are totally excited to receive any form of documentation (pictures, film-clips) to be able to document the growth of the movement. Send them to us here, and post in the Lunch Beat Official page on Facebook.

To continuously get information published on this site, please send link to official info (such as Facebook event), date and name of venue to


For other questions please get in touch with us here >>

Please note that Lunch Beat as a community can not take resonsibillity for any specific events happening at or in relation to any local Lunch Beat arrangements or there producers.


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