Getting Ready to Be Harder

Tony is born and raised in Almunge, north of Stockholm. In the late 90’s he left the woods for Uppsala where he for a couple of years was a successful club DJ mostly into hiphop and break beats.

”It was always a pleasure to play, put honestly I can’t say I was anything but happy leaving that town”.

When moving to Stockholm Tony started his carer as a graphic designer and has since then mostly been playing as a inhouse office DJ cheering his colleges up with fresh picks and new releases. He is also a regular lunch beat visitor and comments on his opportunity to make a mix;

I think that the sessions so far has been a little bit too slow. I mean, in my set there will be no time for rest. My ambition is to let the music grow and grow during the entire hour. People leaving Lunch Beat this time will hopefully be exhausted and full of energy at the same time. You could maybe look a stairs to describe my mix, together we will climb higher and higher – kind of suitable for the dance floor with a view right?”

So what kind of music will build this one hour climbing session?

”Mostly electrohouse, disco and dubstep. One of my favourite tracks right now is this one


And when he is not into searching the web for new releases, Tony is collecting furniture form the 50’s and frequently falls in love with people who are really into what ever they are doing.

”The only way of doing something is doing it great. That is the ambition I am putting into the Lunch Beat mix. Looking forward to share it with you all!”

Please join Lunch Beat Stockholm May 24 at Kulturhustaket.

Please know that I fancy you for making this happen with me /Molly