Introducing: The Lunch Beat Branch Bank

Lunch Beat will always stay non-profit

Lunch Beat is founded and developed as a non-profit project and has the over all aim to remain so. It will always be free to develop and implement Lunch Beat as a non-profit project in your local surroundings as regulated by the Manifesto.

…but we will turn commercial interest into community growth too!

But, in some sense it felt too stupid to automatically reject request from people and organizations that want to arrange Lunch Beat let’s say on a conference, or who want to work with the Lunch Beat brand in other ways. And here the idea of the Lunch Beat Branch Bank was born!

Introducing the Branch Bank

So now, to be able to handle the semi-commercial requests, 5 basic partnership scenarios has been developed. The scenarios all include a donation fee. Money that will be collected in a foundation called the Lunch Beat Branch Bank. The foundation funds will continuously be distributed to new start-ups branches, which are in need of a small funding to get a great start.

Applications for the Branch Bank funds will be announced and accessible for the start-ups on the subpage The Branch Bank, as often as there is “money in the bank”. Here you can also download the 5 basic partnership scenarios if you have an idea about how to take Lunch Beat to the next level.

And actually the Branch Bank Call #1: The Castle Gold, is open now!

Thank you for thinking creatively about how to work with a great movement to make it grow even greater!

And Hey, if you or anyone you know wants to ship in to the foundation, such straight donations will be gladly accepted too!

With love Molly, Andaman Islands, India March 20, 2012