Lunch Beat rewarded for innovation

Photo: Jezzica Sunmo
Photo: Jezzica Sunmo


Lunch Beat founder Molly Ränge, is placed no.2 on Shortcuts’ list of 100 innovators who have made Sweden a more colourful place to live during 2011. The aim of the list, is to inspire other Swedes to dare to think outside the regular business boxes, as well as reward people who have the potential to play an important role in future development by making real change.

On place no.1 Johanna Koljonen, also awarded with the honorable journalist prize Stora Journalistpriset, is rewarded for her fantastic campaign #Prataomdet, (Talk about it) encouraging people to share negative sexual experiences on Twitter. Daniel Mendoza (no.3) light up our daily feed with his Good News Magazine, and Iman Aldebe (no.19) inspires with her fashionable veil designs.

Molly is really happy for the reward, but also a little bit surprised;

“I think it is amazing that Lunch Beat is placed in the very top. But it also tells something quite obvious about how “revolutionary” we read this kind of initiative. And in one sense it is a bit sad; I mean, why is dancing in daytime THAT unthinkable?”.

Molly, who plays a coaching role in relation to local as well as international branches wanting to start Lunch Beat initiatives in their towns, also has been the head prouder of the Lunch Beat Stockholm parties. With start in January she is now about to work a couple of months from India;

“I will still take care of the community management, the website and support all initiators. The Stockholm parties will be produced by a larger network of regulars who all have hearts beating for this movement.  Something I am really happy for! I mean, it is the people coming to Lunch Beat who are the real stars, and I would have wished that Shortcut rewarded the community, not me, for making this real”.

Lunch Beat is growing. Here is a list over all events planed as we know of.

Have a lovely weekend you all!

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