Lunch Beat swings high in the political centre of Sweden

Each year, all, and yes that is actually sort of all, people engaged in the political scenen in Sweden end up in a Almedalen, Visby – a pitoresk medevial city on the beautiful island Gotland. The days are filled with serious meetings, information campagins, progaganda acts and social activites. It is a place where you come to make new friends, spread your word and  come to new insight. In the middle of this big political picnic, Lunch Beat will come alive!

The event is realized thanks to a cooperation with TCO – The Swedish Confederation for Professional Employees, comprising 15 affiliated trade unions with about 1.2 million members aorung Sweden.

”Our engagement in Lunch Beat is based on the aim to make you remember the importance of a healthy self to take leadership of your own life and make great change in the world around you. To make stress decreasing in our everyday lifes is one of the things we are passionate about, and Lunch Beat works as the perfect power up during a hectic week” says Elsa Saboonchi at TCO.

The DJ we have invited to the session, is Gustaf Josefsson. The creative entreprenur and man behind projects like Riksdagsrösten.

”I will deliver a well balanced mix between socially sustainable beats, progressive electronic sounds and conservative retro influences” promises Gustaf.

Come join! Lunch Beat Almedalen: The Power Up Session. Tuseday July 3.