Lunch Dance – now a ”real” word

In the end of each year, Språkrådet – the Sweden’s official organ for language development and treatment – looks back on the past year analyzing phenomena’s, trends and movements and the use of language that these social interactions has resulted in. Each year the institute receives between 1000-2000 proposals, but a big part of them are shown to be out of date or uninteresting. But when last years list of new words officially included in the Swedish language was published recently, ”Lunch disco” is one of the chosen words among the new golden glossary. I got a hold on Birgitta Lindgren who is working with the selection process;

“The word lunch disco where noted by one of our persons engaged to read the newspapers everyday and note words that seems to be new. When we researched it, a few mentions where noted in 2003, but something apparently happened in 2011 and that’s why the word now has been added to our language with the official definition “disco in the middle of the day”.

If the word has a actual future is of course up to us using and developing our language day by day, but we promise to do our best to make it worth repeating.

With love /Molly