May I Malmö?

Finally Lunch Beat is coming to Malmö!
The event will take place simultaneously with the Stockholm Session #4 and participants will be able to dance to the same beats in both cities, created by Dj Daniel Odelstad.

After meeting him to get him to tell what he is planning for the first of the three Lunch Beat Spring Sessions, the impression that lasts is a lot of laughter. He is one happy guy and for his mix This Tronic Life a lot of happiness sure is to be expected.

> Lunch Beat Malmö – This Tronic Life will take place on the 22th of February at a location soon to be announced.

> The time is 12-13 sharp.

> Bring a friend, 60SEK in cash and a hunger for recklessness day clubbin’.

> Please BE HONEST in your RSVP on FB status since we buy lunch for you if you say you’ll be there.

With love / M & M