Melissa brings Lunch Beat to Microsoft

Melissa Quintanilha, a designer by day and DJ by night, is just about to set the last details for her very first Lunch Beat session at Microsoft Headquarters in Redmond, Washington on July 12th.



”I saw an article on Slate magazine,  thought the idea was terrific and jumped right on it. I will bring in lights and maybe some decoration to make this a fully immersive in-office clubbing experience. I’m sure everyone will be stoked and leave wanting more.”



Do you see any challenge with making an in-office party a great one?
”Since this is a new concept, I wanted the first Lunch Beat to be totally free, so this required finding an organization willing to fund it. After a few tries, I got a group within our company to sponsor it so I have funds to book a big room, order lunch bags and print some posters. Another challenge is finding a room that is not surrounded by offices so that people won’t complain about the noise in the workplace. The idea is to create awareness with this first one and hopefully start a series.”

Do you have any advice for others who want to start Lunch Beat internally at their offices?
”Find a group of like-minded people that are willing to plan this together. Book a room that is not close to offices so there will be no noise complaints. Start small and grow with time. After all, who doesn’t want a dance break in the middle of the work day?”

Lunch Beat at Microsoft Washington will take place on July 12th, and the employees will be served fruits and boxed lunches with sandwich and a dessert to take away.